December 24, 2010

Happy Mail!!

Right before Christmas I got a mysterious package dropped off at my doorstep! Who might this package be from?? My awesome cousin Jenna!! She had sent us our Christmas card along with some goodies for our home!!

Check out all the goodies she sent! Some SUPER cute Santa oven mitts and matching kitchen towels! And some cute stamps as well as some BLING!

Check out the GORGEOUS card she made! Isn't that so pretty? I am always a little bit jealous at how talented she is (she sends my Mom beautiful cards) and wish she could rub off on me :-) Although I am not suprised at all by her talent because it runs in her genes. Her Mom, my Aunt Stacy is so talented and she has passed that along to all of her daughters.

Here's a close up the towels and oven mitts!! So cute right?

I immediatly hung them up :)

A big thank you to my cousin for providing the final touches we needed for our kitchen!!


Tracy said...

Those tea towels are so adorable. so my style.
That card is beautiful.
Your pretty talented yourself girl ;)

Bella said...

Thanks Tracy :-)


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