December 21, 2010

Sunshine and Fog = Beautiful Pictures

A couple weeks ago I had taken a Monday and Tuesday off just for kicks. Well it worked out that Tuesday Chuck also had the day off so we decided to head up to my Grandparents to visit. We hardly ever see them now that they don't live closer and with Chuck's new work schedule it's almost impossible for us to find a day off together to go up there!

Anywho on the drive up it was just gorgeous so I had to pull over and take some pictures. And I just had to share! Strictly a picture post but enjoy!

I LOVE this picture! I just wish my camera didn't have the little red marks at the bottom but I just thought this was so pretty!

This is one of my favorites! Even with sun super bright I just love how the fog is still hanging low!


It looked like this cloud of fog was literally sitting just over the top of that house but it was clear in the rest of that area.

This is another favorite because the fog is burning off but you can see the outline of the trees :-)

This is what the sky looked like on our way home!! It was really eery looking but so pretty at the same time!

Anywho thanks for checking them out! I thought they were too pretty not to share!


Tracy said...

These are really beautiful.
Some days you just need to play hookey :)

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Pamela said...

Great pics!!!! :)

Bella said...

Thanks Everyone!!

Linda Beeson said...

Those are beautiful! You sound like me on the phototaking. I will pull over too and too many times I wish I had my camera with me as I see something gorgeous like that.


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