December 7, 2010

Stainless Steel Dreams!

After an very filling and delicious dinner at my parents house on Thanksgiving we all go home and settle into our food comas! We enjoyed this delicious meal, played some pictionary, had some pie and then said our goodbyes..

Well our temporary good byes :-) My Mom, Sister and I go out at midnight every year now and shop our local outlet mall!! It's always so much fun and we do score some good deals!

This year I'd been eyeballing the advertisements for a new set of pots and pans! Little did I know at midnight I would find them! I was seriously considering getting up and going to JCPenney's at 4 am to purchase a set I saw! But fate had other plans!

We stepped into the Kitchen Appliance store and I began checking out the deals! I scored this set of Stainless Steel Pots & Pans for only $149.99! Can you believe that? Maybe you can considering this wasn't even on sale. But I thought it was a great deal and I wouldn't have to get up at 4am! SCORE!!

Of course when I finally made it home around 2 AM I was way too impatient to wait and open it up in the morning. Chuck was still up so he helped me unpack! I was so excited to use them!

Other than a few items for Chuck I didn't do much else for black friday shopping!

Who else scored some deals?


Staci said...

I didn't go out in the morning but I did score some mini trifle dishes for $1.97 each. :-)

Tracy said...

I love your excitement on purchasing some pots and pans. You sound like my hubby. Me on the other hand give me some tools. I guess I can't appreciate them as I dont' really like to cook, wish I did though.

Bella said...

:-) Oh Tracy I am so with you on the tools too! Last year for Christmas my parents got me a power sander and I was THRILLED!! Anything that I can cook with or do home improvements with and my day is made :-)

Staci - that is a great score! Hope you make some yummy trifles and share them on your blog!


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