December 13, 2010

Exploding with Crafts!

Well I've been back to my Holiday crafting :-) This year I put together a few things that I wasn't planning on. I honestly thought I would only have one wreath to make and that'd be it for Holiday projects! But I couldn't do that to myself now could I? :-) I decided to sit down and put together a little pointsetta plant for our home. We can't have a real pointsetta cause the cats can get really sick from it but both Chuck and I love pointsettas.

After two trips to the craft stores this is what I was able to put together! The colors are little different which I kind of like. It's not your average pointsetta! Do you see all those little gold sparkly balls? Oh yeah those got EVERYWHERE! Thankfully Chuck was so helpful and picked up 99% of them while I continued to spill them all over the place :-) But they were a perfect filler!

A view from the top. I placed all those individual flowers in. It was quite the process as I probably readjusted every single one to get it just right!  

Overall I was pretty happy with the pointsetta and it now resides in our downstairs bath. I wish the pictures would have turned out more accurate to the colors but it's the best I can do :-)

Next up was a centerpiece for our dining room table. Originally I was going to keep our everyday piece out but put green and red candles instead of white. NOPE! I got inspired at the craft store, picked up the mini wreath, took some leftover ribbon (from the wreath for the front door) and started wrapping it around. Then we had the candle from awhile ago that matches the ribbon exactly. Now the ribbon doesn't look quite rigth in the picture but it really does match the candle exactly. The only thing left to buy was the gold charger which just set it off perfectly.

Now it may look a little small for our table but trust me it fits it perfectly! I was so exacted to find all matching colors and I still get some christmas cheer in our dining room YAY!

And I'll let you with a little sneak peak! I took a quick shot of the christmas items while working on our pointsetta but some of those pieces are going into a wreath I am working on for my girlfriend Alycia! So far it's turning out great! I will post a pic soon as I give it to her!

What has everyone else been working on?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great holiday decorations

Renee Lamb said...

super pretty decorations and projects! love the poinsetta!

Shell said...

You have been busy! Great crafty deco's!

Sharla said...

Love the poinsetta and centerpiece, what great projects!!

ashjoy said...

You are all ready for the holidays! I've been working on the challenges at Webster's pages. Love that paper!

Tracy said...

They turned out beautifully!!!
Love what you did.

I am working on Christmas shopping :)


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