December 23, 2010

I am so happy I can finally post about the wreath I made for my friend Alycia! I've been holding off on posting the wreath and apron because I wanted to make sure I gave it to her first!

I sat down one night and got to work!

Of course I was not happy with the original one so I ripped it apart and created this one!

Don't you just LOVE IT! I was so happy Alycia loved it because I gotta tell you I experienced major creativity block on this one. I don't know its because I've made a few wreaths now or what but I couldn't get focused on this one and it took me forever (and many supplies tossed out) to finally get one that looked pretty enough for me to give it away!

Not only did I make her a wreath for her door but since we are starting a new tradition of a Baking Day (which I'm stoked since now I have 2 baking days!!!) I thought it'd be fun to make her a christmas apron, similar to what I did for my Mom, Sister, and me! And she loved it!

I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her but here's a pic of us on Baking Day in our aprons!

Unfortunately that's the last of my Holiday Projects for this year! I am so happy with how all of them turned out and am excited to see what next years holiday crafts will bring!


Connie said...

yes very pretty!!

hilde janbroers said...

pretty! have a merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

I can see why she loved your wreath, its so pretty.
So sweet of you to make her an apron to bake with you in.

Yankee said...

i LOVE my apron :o)

... i might even use it after the holidays lol

Bella said...

Thanks everyone!! And Miss Alycia if you want to pick out some fabric I can make you an All Year Round one lol :-) I am making myself one now with cupcakes on it!


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