December 5, 2010

Gobble Gobble!

What's a Thanksgiving Dinner without a Turkey?? In my book it's not Thanksgiving! While technically our dinner wasn't Thanksgiving we were still trying to achieve the feel of a Thanksgiving Dinner! So we of course had a turkey. Neither Chuck or myself enjoy an entire Turkey! We both dislike the dark meat so we go with a Turkey Breast!

Check out this 9lb beautiful baby! Yup that's right 9lbs! While I thought this was the perfect size when I bought I was quickly brought to reality! Both Chuck and my Sister brought in to perspective exactly how much turkey that was! The only thing I can say is thank goodness it freezes!!

And a big ol' thank you to Lucky's! You made my day when I purchased this sweet thing for only $12.10!! We are guranteed at least 4 meals (at least) out of this bird so we got our monies worth!

Yes I turned out kitchen counter into a disaster area when I began prepping our "bird". While I normally just add a little seasoning and toss it into the oven this year I decided again to try something new. Now with Turkey I was not comfortable getting extravagent. I like my turkey and I was not going to chance ruining it. So I just added some seasoning. I rubbed it down with some canola oil, then slathered on the salt & pepper, onion, garlic powder, and paprika

Check her out before!

And after! She's all dressed and ready to go party in the oven!

And party she did! After 3 1/2 hours we removed her from heat and voila! She was gorgeous! And smelled great too!!

We let her sit for about a half hour while I heated up other items and made some mashed potatoes and gravy, then Chuck carved right in!

This had to be one of the most moist turkeys I have ever had the pleasure of eating! She really turned out perfect. I have a feeling since I was stalking the oven checking it constantly waiting for the little red timer to pop that I must have pulled it out right after it popped! This bird was PERFECT!! Even my super picky Chuck said it was one of the best birds he'd ever eaten! Can you say success? I can!!!!!!!!!!!

How did everyone's birds turn out?


Lynn said...

loooks de=lish. i love the dark meat though lol!!!

Staci said...

Yum! Your turkey looks delish! Mine was really good!

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, love the whole process of dressing the bird and savoring the smells.

Tracy said...

This is perfect!!!!
I didn't know these had the skin on them, the best part of the turkey in my book. I know not the healthiest but really who cares lol.
I need to try one of these.

Bella said...

Thanks Everyone!!
Staci - Glad to hear yours was good too! It always sucks when it doesn't turn out right!!

Pearl Maple - I love the process too! It's so much fun and besides I can pretend I'm Emeril and use BAM everytime I add a spice :-) LOL

Tracy - You MUST try one of these! SUPER EASY!! I mean it, it's so easy and it is perfect for having leftovers for sandwiches!


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