December 17, 2010

Hello Paula!

Paula Deen just makes my heart swell!! Along with my fat cells and my health issues LOL! While I adore and love Ms Paula Deen I try not to ever eat any of her recipes. I'm not kidding myself I know her food is delicious but absolutely horrible for you. And with my renewed effort in losing weight (watch out 2011 I'm kicking my butt) I really don't ever look at any of her recipes. But for baking day with my Mom and Seester I found a great new recipe that did indeed belong to Paula. I thought why not? I'm not going to be cooking or baking with her at all next year I might as well give it shot. So I made her Chocolate Gooey Butter doesn't that just sound so healthy??

You only need a few ingredients, which is always nice, - Powdered Sugar, an egg, butter, cream cheese, vanilla, and a moist chocolate cake mix.

First you cream together the butter and cream cheese, then you add in your egg, vanilla, and cake mix. Beat well and then refrigerate for 2 hours. The batter looked delish!!

After two hours in the fridge you roll them into 1 inch balls and roll in powdered sugar. Then place on a cookie sheet and pop in the oven.

And out they come looking like crinkles but tasting oh so much better! Don't get me wrong I like chocolate crinkles but these heavenly chocolate cookies are so much better. I don't know if its the cream cheese or what but these were amazing!!

These were so amazing the my Mom pondered what it'd taste like with a different cake mix. We decided to give it a whirl and tried it with a lemon cake mix. Can you say AMAZING!! I can, in fact I can shout it from the roof if you want! These lemon cookies are so good! They are light and fluffy but with the perfect amount of lemon. I give this recipe 4 thumbs up...oh yes it's worthy of two sets of hands!

I also tried them out with Strawberry Mix and Funfetti! Check it out!

The funfetti ones were really yummy!

The strawberry cookies not so much! They just were too moist and I even cooked them a lot longer than I was supposed to! But that's okay you can't win them all!

It seems like you can't go wrong with this recipe and I am so happy I came across. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO THE BUTTER QUEEN PAULA DEEN!! You have now provided us with a new cookie recipe to make each year!


Anonymous said...

I love her too but the only recipe of hers I've ever used is for Red Velvet Cookies. Best. Cookies. EVER. I have been thinking of trying her mac and cheese recipe though. The cookies look yummy!

Connie said...

very cool! I'm gonna try these well not the strawberry ones......

Staci said...

Yum! They all look delicious! TFS.

Lynn said...

well that's just cool. tf2s!! and i don't do mz dean either. sigh.

Tracy said...

Oh I love her. She just puts a smile on my face watching her.
Those cookies really do look good.
I am planning on eating healthier in the new year (health issues). so it is pig out time until then, LOL.

Sasha hOlloway said...

this is such a cool idea ... I know her recipes make you gain 67lbs just by reading them but they are SO good well some of them anyway LOL


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