December 19, 2010

I'm Melting!

For our Annual Baking Day I tried out 2 new recipes, one of those being Peppermint Meltaways. I love peppermint, to me there is nothing better than peppermint flavored ANYTHING!! And these little melt in your mouths did not let me down!

You will need - flour, milk, cornstarch, butter, peppermint extract, crushed mints (if you chose to, I chose not), powdered sugar, and red food color dye!

First things first combine the butter and flour, with a little extract, then add in your cornstarch!

Roll into balls and bake. Super simple right? 

Let them cool completely. This step will be hard as they look and smell so good! And they are very crumbly which makes my mouth water!

Once they have cooled it will be time to whip up the "frosting" to go on top. You will need to combine your milk, powdered sugar, extract, and red food dye! And then get to topping! I was generous on a few and skimpy on the others. It is a lot of frosting so next time I think I may cut it in half. You are supposed to top with crushed mints but I chose to leave those off.

Don't these look like the most perfect valentine's cookies. They were so fun and so PINK!

Not only were these super cute but they were so GOOD!! I loved them and my coworkers devoured them! Like I said though it's a lot of frosting so you might want to go easy on that and its minty! Nothing bad to me but it's not everyone's cookie! I recommend baking up a batch of these asap! And if you don't like the frosting idea then just make the cookies because they are GREAT without the frosting!

Want the recipe? get it here.


Staci said...

These look so delicious! I'm going to have to try these.

Staci said...

oh! my mail:scrapper94 at msn

Bella said...

Thanks Staci!! And you must try these! So good!! :) Sending you email now...mine is


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