December 28, 2010

Tis the Season!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I have now completed my 2010 reading list!!! YAY!! I may have one more addition but it's not even on the list so if I get to it then I get to it and if not then I have still achieved my goal!! After a few additions to my list I am proud to say I read 36/38 books this year! YAY!!

But back to the most recent finished book, that would be The Eggnog Chronicles by Carly Alexander!

After loving her book "The Secret Lives of Mrs Claus" I was fairly positive that The Eggnog Chronicles would be just as good, thus making it a perfect Christmas week read! While I was not entirely wrong I was a little disappointed :-( This book was pretty lackluster and I did not really like any of the characters!

If I had to pick one to like it would be Ricki, and only because she owns a shop called The Christmas Elf and it's all Christmas ALL YEAR!! I would love to own a store, making it a successful Christmas shop would be absolutely FABULOUS!! Other than that I thought all the characters were somewhat pathetic and this was defnitely an easy read with a dash of smut in it!

I am a little bummed to end my year of reading on this book so hopefully I can finish another one up before Saturday but we shall see!!
Anyone else read any good books over the Christmas holiday?


Tracy said...

Yeah for you for finishing all the books on your reading list. And you had a lot of books!
I always read a Christmasy book during the holidays, not this year.

Pamela said...

How fun that you finished your list! Sorry you were disappointed with this one...maybe you have to squeeze one more in this year. :)


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