December 6, 2010

Day After Turkey Day Dinner

Well here it is Ladies and Gentlemen! Our "Black Friday" Celebration Dinner! A.K.A Day After Thanksgiving Dinner! I made Turkey, Sweet Potato Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Turkey Graving, Sausage Brioche Dressing, Rolls, and we brought home some leftover Jell-O Salad from my Mom, then Chuck made Green Bean Casserole!

And of course we had some Sparkling Apple Cider to go with dinner!

I was so happy with how everything turned out!

Other than the food what I really loved this year was that all of the food fit on the table very easily. Even the pie!! I am so happy we got ourself a bigger dining room table, especially since now when I make big dinners I can actually show off all the food!!

Here's the final picture of the meal before we dug in!

And AFTER!! I feel like we barely made a dent in most items. And sadly we had to throw out a lot of food as I can only do so many leftovers of Turkey Dinners, but this meal turned out absolutely amazing!

Every bit of it was delicious and boy were we stuffed after two days of big dinners! The one thing I am most happy about is that even when trying new recipes everything turned out perfect. Nothing was disliked, not even Chuck had anything to say about the food except that he loved. Maybe he was just being nice but somehow I doubt it! I think he really loved every bit of it just like me!

 I really hope everyone had such an amazing Holiday!! And now I'll leave you with the sweetest part of the Thanksgiving Meal :-)


Lynn said...

everything looks totally yummy!

Tracy said...

This all looks sooooo good.

Bella said...

Thank You!! It was extremely yummy!


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