June 20, 2012

The Book Club - No not ours!

Another book down ladies and gents!! I just finished reading The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe!

Obviously the reason I chose this book was solely based on the title! I mean come on who wouldn't want to read a book about a book club, especially when you are in a book club!! I knew that I'd have a hard time connecting to the characters because they are all in their 40s and 50s but I just had to read it anyways!  

The book focuses on 5 women, Eve, Annie, Doris, Midge, and Gabriella! Each women is facing a tough situation in their life at about the same time...Eve's husband suddenly passes away leaving her to raise their two children and deal with her grief over unspoken words. Annie finally decides she wants to have a child but at her age it's challenging. Doris is just a mess without knowing it. She's got an old fashioned way of life and learns to stop accepting the "abuse" from her husband. Midge's mother comes to "visit" (extended) which means a lot of  criticism on Midge's choice of staying single and focusing on her artwork. And Gabriella's husband loses his job forcing her to increase her hours as a nurse and deal with the stress of being a single income family!

All and all this book covers a lot of different topics, relationships, and overall opinions! It was alright. I was never able to connect to any of the characters, but I did like them. They all were good people just learning how to deal with stressful times in their life.

I wouldn't recommend this book unless you enjoy reading books about "real" life. It was extremely real to the point where I'm sure most people at that stage in their life can relate. It almost made me feel depressed the whole time. I wanted to finish it hoping for that happy ending but at the end I just felt sad. Sad for the women.

Overall grade - C. The book wasn't horrible but it was a downer!



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