June 5, 2012

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

I was so excited to finally try some drink recipes I found on Pinterest the other weekend! Being Memorial Day Weekend we had 3 BBQs to go to and we were so excited to soak up some sun and hang out with our friends and family!!

Friday May 25th we went to my Sister in Law's house for a BBQ with her, her man and the kiddos! Since I know she's a ton of fun to drink with I figured I would test out a new drink on her! I found this one on Pinterest earlier that week and HAD to try it!

It's called a Raspberry Beer Cocktail and all you need is some Corona, Vodka, Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Concentrate and Raspberries!!


The combine the following: 1 cup of fresh raspberries,  4 bottles of corona,
1 container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed, and
1/2 cup vodka.

I cut the above recipe in half cause I wasn't sure how much would fit in our container. By the way - helpful tip pour the beer in slowly otherwise half your container will look like this!

Next up, pour yourself a glass. Add in some ice cubes (if needed) and a couple raspberries!

And enjoy!

I loved this drink! It had a sweet taste but with a beer aftertaste! I really enjoyed this and can only imagine how amazing it would be on a hot day! I highly recommend you try this (if you are of age) and bring it to a BBQ or Camping or to a house party! It's a great summertime drink!!



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