June 12, 2012

The Girl With No Shadow

I finally finished the book The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris. I say "finally finished" because I started this book in March and have read 4 other books while "reading" this one!!

If you recall, this book is the sequal to Chocolat which is the only reason I chose to read it, as well as it was written by an author I've really come to like, Joanne Harris. She also wrote Gentlemen and Players.

I was super excited when I first added this book to my book list, in fact I do believe it was on the list last year...I'll have to double check that. Sadly though it was an extremely slow book and felt like it took FOREVER to read without ever really getting into it. I'd pick it up and then let it sit there for weeks at a time and it was on my Kindle so I felt if I was picking up my Kindle I should be reading this book.

The book picks up four years after Chocolat ends. Vianne or Yanne as she goes by in this book, and her TWO daughters Anouk and Rosette have started a new life, a new chocolaterie and she even has a new "love" interest - Thierry - who's quite the ass! Enter in a mysterious new character named Zozie and then it gets odd/weird. The book seems to be about Vianne/Yanne trying to change her life while Zozie tries to steal her life as Vianne, and tries to steal her daughter Anouk. It, of course, all comes to a head in the end and it's a battle of the witches, however I was quite disappointed cause all 20 pages of build up and there really wasn't much action.

All in all really didn't like the book. I even stayed up past 11 to finish reading it and spent the next morning at work chugging coffee like crazy. The book is too long (480 pages - yes that's too long for this story), way too detailed where it's not needed, quite confusing and such a let down. Sorry Ms Harris I am so not impressed by this book and you should've left good enough alone with Chocolat.

Overall grade - D-! Not worth the time! 



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