June 7, 2012

Strawberry Lassie!

I have been on a Pinterest kick lately and made yet another drink from there!

I tried a new recipe called a Strawberry Lassie! And boy was it easy!

You only need a few ingredients - 1lb Strawberries, 1 cup Ice, 2 cups Non Fat Greek Yogurt - Plain, and 1/2 cup Honey! (Again I cut the above recipe in half for me)

Technically you are supposed to combine the honey and strawberries in a blender (I used our awesome new food processor - Thank You B-Rad) and puree! But I'm a rule breaker (and not very good at reading directions) so I tossed in the honey, strawberries and greek yogurt then got to "processing".

How pretty does that look? It kind of reminds me of my Mom's Jello Salad, which I love love love!!

Next up toss in some ice and "process" again!

Then pour into a tall glass, top with a strawberry and voila...you have yourself a Strawberry Lassie!!

Looks like it could've come straight from a smoothie shop right? Tasted like it too!!

LOVED this recipe! I am a little concerned about how many weight watcher points it will be since I forgot to measure out how much liquid it was to calculate the points BUT it could definitely be a breakfast substitute cause it's pretty filling. I only could drink half of that glass before I was done. I also had it as an afternoon snack so I was not super hungry!

I highly recommend you try this, especially if you love strawberries and smoothies!!




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