June 4, 2012

Photo's As Promised

I promised that I would share photo's from when my Paps and I went "Picture Taking" the other day from local areas where we live!

The first up was downtown area of Santa Rosa!

Don't you just love this clock! It's so pretty!!

This was taken at the Luther Burbank Gardens in Santa Rosa! They had a bunch of pretty flowers in bloom!

I loved these but not sure what they are called!

Don't these look like paper flowers??

 It's like a cottage out of a movie!

Around the area that I work we have a large amount of land with a bunch of overgrown grass. The company that owns the land brings in sheep and goats twice a year to be lawn mowers! Luckily I got this awesome shot of a cute little sheep!! So cute right?

The rest of these pictures are from Crane Creek Regional Park!

Yes we live in a gorgeous area!!

Even though the clouds are dark it was a gorgeous day!!

LOVE this tree!! It was so cool looking!

Paps was messing around but this is a really cool shot!!

There were 3-4 of these flying around above us and it was beautiful!!

I was so stoked to get such a great shot of TWO lizards! I'd been trying the whole time but they kept scurrying out of site, Finally my Paps spotted these two just chilling.

This shot turned out way cooler than I expected...Originally the bird was just hanging out on the bridge but I guess right as I clicked he took off, thus the awesome action shot!! I was stoked!!

I should really never complain about where we live and I am really trying hard to love it. In fact how could I not? Well there's a lot more than meets the eye, both good and bad (I live in Cali housing SUCKS) but I really am lucky to be able to not only live in such a beautiful area but to already own a home here.

Have you ever stayed as local as possible and really explored what your town has to offer in terms of beauty and nature?



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