June 15, 2011

A Little Taste of Heaven

Last night I had the great pleasure of finishing up Chocolat by Joanne Harris. If you recall we read another one of her books for book club last year and I just thought she was a great writer. I googled her books instantly and when Chocolat came up I knew it had to be part of my 2011 reading goals.

As much as I love the movie I was pretty skeptical of the book. Books are almost always changed in the movie setting and I really wanted the book to stay true to the story. Overall the main theme is very much the same as the movie! And I really liked that I had images in my head already cause I think I'd have a hard time picturing it. Not that the author didn't give details but I was happy to have the movie scenes playing through my head, even if Johnny Depp's character is nothing like the one in the book - wait maybe I should reverse the way I said that - the character in the book is nothing like the movie version of him.

I will defnitely be watching this movie again and soon cause I want to see how many differences there are in the book, but regardless if there are a billion I still loved this book. The way she describes the chocolates and how they are put together is amazing. As well as the "Is she? Isn't she?" battle as to whether or Vianne is a witch! Two big huge thumbs up for this book and an A grade! I cannot wait to get started on the book The Girl With No Shadow which is somewhat of a sequel to this one.


Anonymous said...

I have several of that author's books on my to read list. I'm currently trying to finish one called Mermaid.

Staci said...

Looks like another good one. I just finished There's Cake in My Future and I'm going to start The Frugalista Files after I'm done with the Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.


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