June 1, 2011

My New Home Girl!

Natalie P. McNeal is so cool! She managed to turn being Frugal into a super cool trend! Don't get me wrong people have been frugal for a long long time but this chick turned it into something that was inspiring and FUN! If you want to be a Frugalista then you have to read this book - The Frugalista Files by Natalie McNeal!! And check out her blog - I'm not a subscriber :-)

This book is in blogging format, because she started this out as a blog!!! I know that I'm biased and love almost any books about Journalists who make it in the big bad world of writing but that's only because as a kid I always wanted to work for a newspaper or magazine. Unfortunately that industry is extremely challenging and I never felt that my efforts would pay off, but thats okay cause now I can read about those people who can make it and I love it!

This book will convince ANYONE that living frugal is the cool thing to do and of course that it really pays off in your savings account, or in Miss Natalie's case, her debt! She's even inspired me to do a No Spend Month. Now I know it will be difficult because I feel like no month is a good month because we constantly have birthdays or events but this year I don't care. I chose August cause it's pretty low key, we have no vacation planned, no birthday gifts to buy (just cards) and the only shopping I'll be doing is Wedding Dress shopping so I think August will be good! Plus if I don't do it in August I won't do it this year and I really wanna give this thing a shot!! Anyone else daring enough to do it with me???

Natalie McNeal you get a BIG HUGE A+ cause I just loved this book and found myself anxious to read it! Maybe it was the blog format that made it easy to read but I think it was that Natalie's personality is so fun and you are rooting for to succeed!! Thank goodness that Amazon had this free otherwise I may have never come across it. 

Thanks for the inspiration - now to get on my Frugal Way :-)

P.S. I still can't comment so all the blogs I follow (that also follow me and are reading this) I am hoping they fix this soon! I miss being able to comment on all your awesome posts! Blogger may eventually lose me to Wordpress if they keep this up!


Staci said...

Sold! I picked up There's Cake in My Future and am going to have to pick up this one.


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