June 16, 2011

Making Space

Last week I had the most brilliant idea - CREATE MORE SPACE IN MY SCRAPBOOK!!

It would seem obvious but nope I'd been working in cramped corners for awhile. I really didn't want to give up my lime green sewing table but I realize it was not functional for me and I really wanted to create space to put my computer up.

I bought two book shelves and dug out my old tabletop out of the garage and voila! Now there is a huge space walking into my room and I've got not only a sewing table/computer table but I've got enough room to set my pages that need to dry!

A view from the top!

This space is so much better. It created storage under the desk that doesn't have to be seen (Goodbye clutter) and it actually created a better spot to keep my radio as well as my boxes of specific themes.

I can also keep my stash of girlie movies that I watch over and over while scrapbooking! I am so happy with the space I've created and now if I ever want to have Mom come up and scrapbook she will have a decent size work area, all I will have to do is move my Monitor and sewing machine which is easy peasy!

Anyone else updating their rooms?


Alyssa said...

Your scrapping room is awesome!!! I'm jealous!


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