June 24, 2011

It's All About the Magic

This past Christmas I had the pleasure of getting some amazing photos of our Tree (courtesy of my friend Alycia) and one of Chuck and I in front of our beautiful tree (courtesy of Mom)!

There was no way these weren't making it in my scrapbook! And really isn't the Tree the best part of Christmas?? (Don't worry I've never forget the music, the decorations, and the general jolly atmosphere)

I used my Lyrical Letter's Cartridge to make the title! And I am now in LOVE with this new font! It's so pretty and elegant!

Aren't these pics super awesome? I love how pretty our tree looks!

Defnitely digging all the Christmas scrapbooking I've been doing lately! I just pop the Santa Claus into my DVD player (yeah I'm aware that it's june - so what?) and get to crafting! I even close the blinds and pretend it's crappy out haha! It's a sickness really - my love of Christmas - and there is no cure!


Alycia said...

Um... there is no such thing as a christmas illness. Christmas ROCKS!

Super cute lay out. I have to get my butt up to your house so I can start scrapping the honeymoon. Ay!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great christmas layout


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