June 2, 2011

Nature Calls!

I have discovered that I LOVE scrapbooking our camping pictures! I think cause it's still new to my scrapbooking so I get to use all the super cute stickers I've bought, but it's just so fun! Granted I am super anxious to get out there and camp this year but I have to be patient and wait until July.

My albums are filling up quickly this year which is so nice to see and I am still enjoying every single minute I get to spend scrapbooking, YAY for  2011 Goals!!

Here it is folks - my layout for our 2010 camping trip to the Petaluma KOA!

We just LOVE the KOA Kamping Kabins, they are perfect Home Away from Home's!

I was really excited when this Storyteller's Layout came in the mail cause the colors and embellishments are adorable!

I can practically smell the fire now! Sigh - I wanna go camping!!


Tracy said...

Love your layouts.
We are going to our cottage on Saturday :)
Don't be hatin' LOL


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