June 4, 2011

Best Crop Ever

Don't get me wrong - I love our Scrap Again Crops, but the absolute BEST CROP EVER has to be the one put on annually at John Reed School! Mom and I have been going since the very first one (minus one for me :-( cause I was putting new floors in the house) And every year we are dying to go, it's almost like Christmas!! This year the crop was cut short cause my Seester got engaged and of course I was too excited to do anything but be around her :-) Nonetheless we had a great time and now we are just keeping our fingers crossed they don't schedule the one next year on my wedding date!! I'm not going to lie I probably wouldn't have picked an April date had I remembered the crop :-)

Anywho - last year we had an absolute blasty blast at the crop and we were joined by my Mom's two friends Marie and Sally! Last night I was super excited to scrapbook this crop! I had another great layout from Storyteller's! I even got super crafty cause I only had 3 pattern papers for a double 2-page layout (yup 4 Pages for one crop).

The bag held some fun goodies we all got and that wrapper down at the bottom is ADORABLE. It was made by the hosts and we all got a candy bar with it! Yup such a super cute candy bar wrapper!

I got to use some more of my scrapbooking themed stickers YAY!

And the second part of the layouts!

Isn't that little Scrapbooker so cute? I actually took it from the Swap Table at the crop this year (my Mom had actually put it here) and I was super excited to get to put her together. I thought about changing her clothes to match mine exactly but she was just so much cuter this way!

These crops are Pure Bliss and I cannot wait for next years!

I think the next Scrapbooking Themed layout I'll be doing is from the Weekend Crop my Mom and I went to a few years back, it was an entire weekend and we had a great time! Stay tuned!


Just Jaime said...

Great colors! I have a crop I just love to go to with some friends. We had countdowns, stayed at nice hotel, planned out where we'd go to dinner, etc. It was so fun!

Staci said...

You're so inspirational girl! I'm going to try to scrap this weekend! :-)


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