June 14, 2011

Fabulous 4th!

Who here loves 4th of July?? Not ME!! Well I love that 4th of July is all about America but I am not a fan of fireworks! In fact I've never enjoyed them that much cause of the noise and of course I'm terrified of something going terribly wrong and getting burned! But I do love Scrapbooking pictures from 4th of July!

I just finished up my last 4th of July layout, can you believe I'm all caught up on 4th of July events? YAY!! I used another Storyteller's Layout!

Oh and for those of who don't know what Storyteller's is they are an AMAZING monthly scrapbook layout kit club! EEK Did I just say layout kit?? Yes I did but I am at peace with it. I normally frown upon layout kits but I can't seem to get enough of Storytellers!! I love that you get 4 layouts a month, it's auto charge, auto ship, so I have nothing to do but check out my goods 7 days before they are released! It's really a wonderful life. But if you are interested in joining or finding out more here's a link - Storyteller's Club.

And no I am not in any way connected to them other than that I'm in love with the club! Anywho back to the goods! Here's my layout for a 4th of July we spent at Chuck's Sisters house in 2008!

I ended up finishing this page after I thought I finished it haha! I felt it needed some cute embellishments so I went out and found the most amazing 4th of July Stickers!

Lots and Lots of Fun!

Check out the cute stickers on these two pages!

That top picture is actually of all of us after Lynn got hit in the head with some big firework debris! See what I mean the 4th can be dangerous! No one was hurt but I'm just saying it could happen!

And last but not least!

We had such a blast that year and of course we are saddened that we won't ever experience another 4th liket his with them as his Sister and her Husband have divorced. But at least we've got the memories and the layout to prove it right?
Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

the 4th is my bday :) so I love fireworks


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