June 9, 2011

I've Got the Blues!

Another one down!! I have no finished my 24th book of this year and boy do I feel behind!! But I'm still working to achieve my goal!!

I just finished reading Mary Kay Andrews book "Savannah Blues"!

I gotta be honest this book didn't have me interested until the main character Weezie opens a closet door and out pops a dead body! When I started reading it I had completely forgot this one was going to involve some murder mystery so I was pretty pleased when the story took a turn from it's light fluffy-ness!

I really got into this book about halfway through but before the murder and before you got to play a "Who Done It?" role it was alright. It's defintely a light summer read, but if you love Antiques or you are an Antique Picker this book is perfect for you. Weezie is a picker and the whole story revolves around her wanting to get some pieces off an old Savannah Estate that holds many fine and expensive furniture selections.

It's funny as I was reading last night I just burst out laughing. This book is the perfect cheesy light hearted comedy/romance/mystery. It's not quite Lifetime material but it could have a feature on Oxygen! The way the characters interacted and the town it takes place would really make for a cute little cheesy movie. Once I got to that point it was so much more enjoyable because I read it like a little movie in my head!

Overall grade - B. It wasn't an A cause it took me awhile to get into it and I wasn't a huge fan of the main character, however I LOVED her best friend Bebe (pronounced Bay-Bay in a southern accent) and the sequal to this book centers around her so I'm pretty excited to get that one!

Enjoy this cute little beach read while you get your tan on :-)



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