June 23, 2011

Murder on the River

Yesterday I finished reading Mystic River by Dennis Lehane, yup the same Mystic River that was turned into a movie starring Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon!

Since I'm a lover of the movie it should come as no suprise that I also really loved the book. I was worried that since I already knew the "Who Dun It?" part from the movie that I wouldn't be able to get wrapped up into the book. Boy was I wrong! Even though I knew who the murderer (or is it murderers?) was and how the crimes had happened I still was able to trick myself into "not knowing". How is that possible right? Well Dennis Lehane made it possible with his awesome writing skills! I loved it!

For those who don't know this book revolves around 3 boys lives from when they are younger and an unfortunate incident happens which alters all of them. Flash forward a few years where they are grown with kids and another incident happens, this one involves the murder of one of the guys daughters and how all three of their lives once again intersect! A must read book and a must see movie! Plus if you love Sean Penn like I do you get to see him throughout the entire movie as he plays the murdered girls father!

Overall grade - A+, I loved it and I loved Dennis Lehane's writing style, while sometimes he can write too much detail I really enjoyed it this time around and I was able to get wrapped up into the lives of all three guys!



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