June 26, 2011

Happy Trimming

If you can stand it I have one more Christmas layout for you! And this time around I did another custom made die cut (courtesy of the awesome Cricut) and it didn't take me two hours!! I was able to put the die cut together and scrap 4 pages in 2 hours!

I love this paper and you probably can't tell but it sparkles!! YAY!

See my super cute embellishment?

Just in case you can't haha - here's a close up! I even added some Stickle to make the snow sparkle and what's a house in Christmas without some lights?

It's hard to top that super embellishment so I didn't even try. I stuck to basics for the rest of layout!

And our tree trimming! Thank god I have these pics of me cause hello Chubby - just keeps my weight loss motivation going :-)

Isn't Chuckle's so cute in his South Park tee and new sweats! He's just like a little kid when it comes to Christmas - which is probably why we like Christmas so much!

I've included some cute little pins throughout these layouts but I think they are just so adorable!

Okay I think that's it for Christmas for right now! I still have a few more to scrapbook but I'll give you all a little break from Christmas for now! :-)



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