June 22, 2011

Krazy Fun

Back in 2008 Mom and I went to an overnight crop hosted by a local scrapbooking store! I've been having troubles scrapping this beause I really didn't know how to incorporate a scrapbooking theme while still having it turn out super cute! I finally settled on a layout by Storyteller's because it was fun, colorful, and my scrapbooking embellishments wouldn't get lost!

First things first - our Pre-Retreat Shopping trip as well as our gorgeous hotel room!

I am so happy we got these cute pictures of us at their store, especially cause they have now since moved!

Our room was super awesome and super comfy - it didn't really matter much though cause we spent all of our time scrapbooking!

And finally the main reason for being there - we were SCRAPBOOKING!! I still laugh when I'm scrapbooking us scrapbooking but I just can't resist!

Working hard!

Mom even did their make n take class and put together this super pretty mirror.

There you have it folks - our overnight retreat from 2008. Unfortunately when we went the following year we didn't have as much fun and the price has gotten a little steep for our liking. But I hope they are still successful as we really like both the hosts/owners of Krazy Kreations!

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