May 31, 2011


Anyone else as irritated as me when it comes to blogger right now??? I just wanted to let everyone know, for those that I usually comment on, I am still unable to post comments.

Come on Blogger get your shit together, I am having serious commenting withdrawals!!

For those of you who have still been able to post comments on my blog, are you using blogger? Did you find a work around to this issue???



Mary Pat Siehl said...

this is what worked for me--you need to clear your entire history and clear your cache. I am not techy but my hubby did it for me then restart your computer. that is what worked for me

Bella said...

Thanks Mary! It didn't seem to help :-( I guess I'm stuck waiting on blogger to fix their error!!

Bella said...

BTW - It totally sucks I can comment on my own damn blog but no one elses!!


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