May 21, 2011

WARNING - Picture Heavy - WARNING

Last year my wonderful best friend Jenny got married! And we all know with getting married you have a bunch of pre-wedding events! I was very excited to not only get to throw a bridal shower for my long-distance bestie (she lives in WA) but I was also thrilled to put together an entire scrapbook of all her pre-wedding events to give to her :-)

I had been working on this album for almost a year and I was able to finish it up a couple weeks back, just in time for me to give it to her on my trip to WA. I have been waiting to put up any pages, in fear she reads my blog, but now that I've given it to her (she loved it) I can (very excitedly) share it. This is the very first 12 x 12 album I've ever completed and to be honest it was hard to give it away cause I love how it turned out, but I knew she would love it!

So here we go folks - Enjoy!

These first pages are from the shower I threw her down in Cali with all her Cali friends and family.

This is her second shower thrown by her other bridesmaid Jill :-)

Bachelorette Party - Rowr!

Wedding Day - Her and Jamie right after the ceremony, and then both sets of parents at the wedding :-)

My personal favorite pages are the ones from her bachelorette party and the very last pages which are of her parents and his parents with their wedding dates :-) I should also mention I was not present for the 2nd bridal shower or bachelorette party but her other wonderful bridesmaid Jill was such a team player and saved everything for me to scrapbook it :-)

What do you all think?


Staci said...

Very nice! Love the leopard print pages.

Alyssa said...

Love this... such a thoughtful and personal gift. My sister made me one and it's one of my favorite prezzies!


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