May 31, 2011

Fall Has Fallen?

Another Holiday Layout!!! I have just been on a roll with my scrapbooking lately and it feels AWESOME!! I am so happy with the way all of my layouts are turning out, part in thanks to Storytellers and part in thanks to my creative genes :-)

I finished up our Turkey Day from 2009 and it's ------------ yup you guessed it - it's so cute!! I didn't have a lot of pictures from this Turkey Day which is kind of nice cause it made it easier to get everything to fit on 2 pages :-)

I was so happy Mom posed for a picture for me cause normally she's too busy cooking or she prefers to not be photographed - crazy I know!! Who doesn't want their picture taken? Regardless she was a trooper and smiled pretty for me :-)

Of course Paps is just goofing off again - but now I know where I get my camera love and goofiness from :-) And of course my Seester Mandy Jo - who also prefers to not be photographed - but being the younger sister I am I take as many pictures of her as possible :) This is her "I'm pretending to be annoyed" or I think she's pretending :-)

Can you believe that I've got no more Turkey Day pictures to scrap?? I know I can't either, in fact I think I need to double check that fact before I can fully commit to it :-)

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