May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2010

I think I may be caught up on all my Mother's Day layouts for every year YAY!!

This one isn't so Mother's Day as it is a whole page with the Grandparents! My Grandparents came down to my Parents for Mother's Day last year and it was such a great afternoon to BBQ and hang out. I had to take the opportunity to get some pictures with my Grammy and Papa!

Look closely and you will notice how much my Papa likes to goof around and make me laugh :-)

And if you look closely at these youw ill see just how much my Mom and Grammy and I all look alike!!

I had a lot of fun working on these pages, especially since I got to use another Storyteller's Club layout! YAY! I know that I will love this page forever cause it really shows how much Papa and I like to mess around!!


Just Jaime said...

I love the title work and bright colors!


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