May 10, 2011

Racing in the Rain!

I've been slow on my blog because I just spent 4 days up in Washington for one of my best friends college graduations! And what else is there to do on a flight other than sleep?? READ!!

I started and finishing The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein while on my travels!

Simply put this book is written through the point of view of a dog while his "owner" goes through extremely rough times.

Overall it was a cute book. I wasn't as touched by it as I was expecting but overall it wasn't bad. My whole family absolutely loved this book but for some reason I couldn't get on board with the dogs point of view.

There really isn't much else to say, haha. The book was cute and it takes place in Washington so I felt it was fitting to read while on my way there. If you are an animal lover go ahead and check it out, it's an easy quick read :-)

Overall grade is a B, not wonderful, but definitely above average. Enjoy!


Staci said...

May check this one out! I have children's books that I love told from the point of view of the dog.


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