May 3, 2011

Ugly Room Revamp!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I hated our bedroom. I hated the colors, the furniture, the bed without a nice bed set, it drove me BONKERS!!

Well Chuck and I finally bit the bullet and did a massive upgrade to our bedroom! We got a new bed frame, new mirror, new pictures up, a new tv and the best of all we got rid of all the excess furniture!! Goodbye dressers, goodbye tv stand, hello empty beautiful space!!

I am so excited I had to share pictures!!

We decided to not change the colors of the walls since that's going to be a huge job for me and I didn't have the time, plus even if I had planned on it I couldn't because of how sick I was.

These pictures are ones that I actually took!! I am very proud to hang these up!

We actually had these decorative items but I just moved them to above the bed. We may still move them up higher since I found that awesome clock at TJ Max for only $10. But for now I love it!

And our new TV!! I was so stoked to get rid of the bulky tv stand, as well as the bulky tv and replace them with just this amazing flatscreen. It leaves so much more room in our room :-) Even Roxy loves the new bed!

It was quite the ordeal with this bed and long story short - this is not the bed we picked out and it's not the color, but we liked it anyways and it actually gave us some more drawer space. Even though we had a horrible experience with the company who sold us the bed everything has turned out really nice. We still have a few minor things to finish up, like Chuck finishing the trim on the closet and I want to paint the gold trim on the mirrors, but other than that our new bedroom is UH-MAZING!

I was excited to get our first home improvement of the season going!


Just Jaime said...

Looks great!

Staci said...

Looking good girlie! :-)

NC Peach said...

Love the makeover, especially the bed and the wall accents!! You have my ideal bed-the dark wood with the extra storage!! Very nice!

PS. Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Going to catch up on some of your posts!

Tracy said...

Your badroom is amazing. Such a beautiful place to relax in. Your bedroom is suppose to be your sanctuary.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love the new look

Alycia said...

stil waiting for you to come save my office!!! :op


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