April 28, 2011


Well Ladies and Gents I've finished another book, our book club book this month was Little Bird of Heaven by Joyce Carol Oates.

This book was ---> insert long pause here<----- interesting.

Considering I was the one to suggest we read this book to my book club I must also take responsibility for it being such a dud. Had we not that awful book The Thief Taker then I'd say this one takes the cake for the most boring book yet!

You must not be fooled by any summary you have or will read regarding this book (especially Amazon's description) because this book isn't what it was supposed to be. You are teased with thoughts of an exciting thriller based on a murder in a small town. Yes there was a murder in a small town but excitement and thrill were highly missed. Two characters Krista and Aaron are dealing with this murder at young ages. Krista's father is one man highly suspected but never given a trial and was set free, and Aaron's mother was the woman murdered.

The book was slow, dragged out, way too much detail, and lacked any chance of me emotional connecting to this book. It did keep me interested somewhat because of course I wanted to know who the murderer was...yet when I got to the end and the story wrapped up I was left with a "What the Hell??" attitude.

Read at your own risk. Overall grade - F.

Since I've been super sick since last friday, missed easter completely, have been in bed since last friday, and I will miss out on watching the Royal Wedding live with my friend, I have not had a chance to pick up another book. I'm feeling quite a bit better now, thus why you are reading this blog post, but I'm a little unmotivated to read right now. I didn't meet my April deadline and after this book I want a really great book to read...
Perhaps it's time for some animal related reading?? The Art of Racing in the Rain will have to be my next pick :-)


NC Peach said...

I've read books like that! It'll make ya mad, won't it? There are so many books out there now, that if a book can't catch me in the first three chapters, I just chuck it! However, I can understand why you decided to see it through with it being a mystery and all. As for me, I'm dealing with a reading drought too--just not feeling it right now. Maybe it's the weather...


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