April 3, 2011

Mom's Day 2006

Storyteller's had this ADORABLE layout that had to deal with a FAMILY theme but I could never figure out a way to incorporate an event with family pictures that was neutral! Neutral as in not a birthday or holiday or camping!

Needless to say I went with a holiday but I figured since it was Mother's Day I'd have fun pictures of the family and just cause it's Mom's day doesn't mean the colors have to be pink and purple right? That's what I thought too!

Isn't that tree embellishment with the quote so cute? I am just so in love with Storyteller's packs now that I'm using them! Even though I hate the premade layouts these are awesome cause (like I've said before) you can go the route of copying their layout or you can create one!

YUP These pics are from 2006! I've been slacking on scrappin and I'm going to try and scrapbook chronilogically but we will see how that goes LOL!

Another great thing about Storyteller's layouts is that they usually only give you one double page layout example, but for me A LOT of my pages are 2 or more double page layouts cause I love having a BUNCH of pictures. So with all the extra embellishments it's super easy to turn their 1 double layout page into 2 :)

Another thing I'm getting better at is journaling at the same time I do the page. I usually hate journaling cause I want to make sure it's perfect but I want everything done in my handwriting. I rarely print out my journaling. So I've been concentrating on journaling at the time and then voila an entire page done without worrying about doing the journaling later.

And I had to just include my parents dog Wyatt cause he was OBSESSED with his ball that day and my Dad took some really nice shots of the big guy :)

Isn't he so cute?


Yankee said...

so i just had to tell you- i was checking in on your blog and for whatever reason my web browser assigns random icons in the corner [so I'll be on facebook and see the yahoo symbol if that makes sense]- and when I went to your blog it had the MLB logo on it! I just thought it was too fitting so I had to share :o)

Tracy said...

I really love all your layouts.
I only do 2 page layouts.
Good for you for journalling :)


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