April 28, 2011


Another layout done YAY!! I had so much FUN working on this layout because it was soooo girlie and it was the first time I've seriously worked with buttons on a scrapbook page!! Thank you Storyteller's for including them in that month's kit :-)

Here it is folks - my Sew Easy layout!!

Chuck thought my title was so clever, I didn't want to tell him that I'm sure I saw it somewhere else and "Stole" the title :-) This page is actually of Mom coming up and teaching me how to make a valence for my scrapbook room!!

I was so ecstatic with the embellishments for this one because I was able to fill that whole top space with just cutesy flowers!!

Here's the second 2-page layout! Check out the buttons!!!

I was so grateful my Mom took pictures of me sewing cause it made this page so much more fun! Without those it would have been one 2-page layout with a before and after I'm sure! But nope I've got plenty of us working away!

Yes Mom did all the ironing that day! I can now say I iron everything but when Mom's around why not let her do it right? Yup I'm spoiled :-)

I was so happy with how these turned out and it was so much fun to work on! And I am no longer a button virgin YAY!! I can gurantee I'll be using buttons more and more....


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great job!

NC Peach said...

Cute 2-pager! The buttons are a great touch! And for the record, I'm spoiled too, lol!


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