April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To You!!

I finished up another layout and this one was challenging! I'm not sure if it's cause it was an "All Boy" layout or if I just wasn't feeling the birthday zone but nonetheless it's finito!

I scrapbooked Chuck's 29th birthday party and while it was a challenge for me to finish the layout I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Here's the first 2-page layout :-)

I love my goofy fiancee and his "special"ness :)


That's his best friend on the right, you can totally see just from these pictures why they are friends!!

Oh YUCK!! You must excuse the horrible flash mark as I didn't see it when I first took this picture!! This is the second 2-page layout!

Yikes! Another horrible flash mark, at least you can see Chuckles in this one, since this page is all about him!!

And finally - I of course had to scrapbook our beer pong game! Naturally Jenny (Chuck's Sister) and I SLAUGHTERED Chuck and Nick!! Yes I am very PROUD that we won at beer pong! In case you don't know Chuck and I can get competitive with games!

These pages definitely capture the crazyness and fun-ness (new word start using it)  of that night and the most important part - Chuck really liked it :-)

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