April 6, 2011


Now onto one of my favorite layouts so far! Back in 2008 Chuck and I bought our first home! A lovely 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo! We both are still so in love with the place and have really made it our home.

Of course I have pictures of the first night we got our keys and then the first time my parents came to see it (a day after we got our keys) and my Mom made sure we got pictures of us at the door putting our key in the lock!

Here is the pictures of us with our keys, our first meal in the house (yup we hit up Mickey D's) and I also kept the card our realtor sent us as well as her business card!

Not sure if you've noticed the blank white spot on the left but I had also kept the envelope that our card from the realtor was in so I cut out the handwritten to address and put it there! It was neat to have these and place in my album!

The reason we got Mickey D's was because we did not get our keys at closing. It was quite stressful and because of our work schedules we didn't get to get up to the house until almost 7 or 8 at night, so we grabbed Buster and then picked up Mickey D's. I'm super happy we did too cause Buster was TERRIFIED of the steps going upstairs. He had never encountered stairs LOL. So we bribed him upstairs with some fries. It didn't take long for him to love the stairs and now he gets his excercise on while chasing the cats up and down the stairs :-)

I was so happy I took so many pictures that night cause oh my lord has our place changed! But here are the first pictures we ever took of the house :-) Notice the disgusting color walls! Yup we are still battling one room to get the blue out but it's not as horrible as the other rooms so we are "Dealing" with it for now.

I wish I could have inlcuded so many more pictures of the house but I chose to exclude the bathroom photos and I think I included the best. Here's our downstairs!

And the upstairs bedrooms!!

Oh yes this turned into 2 full double spread layouts! I had to include our moving day pictures! I barely had time to take many pictures but that worked out since I really didn't need this all stretching out to be 4 long pages!

A HUGE plus to having the three layouts was I had 3 title embellishments and I got to USE ALL THREE!! YAY!! Considering we won't be buying a new place for a few years I would have had to store the titles and that was not okay! This title happens to be my favorite and it worked perfect for our moving page!

We actually moved during the hottest weekend that August. I'm sure that's almost always the case with people moving but by the end of the day Brad, Chuck, and I were drenched in sweat! The poor guys were stuck with the UHaul that had barely any air while I got to enjoy the air conditioned car for the short 20 minute rides to and from the apartment and the new house!

All in all this had to be one of the most exciting days of my life, if not the most exciting day! It was so neat to be able to purchase a home at a young age and making this big purchase with Chuck just put the cherry on top!! 2 1/2 years later and we are still in love with it!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great post! your layouts were great--loved the story!

Shell said...

Isn't it so much fun getting your first house - well stressful too - but still fun. Great that you have the layouts of this - you will love looking back in future years especially if you do similar layouts about other houses you might buy!

Alyssa said...

Great layout--I love the number of pics you used. I need to dig up my new house photos and do them. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marcie said...

How fantastic that you took so many photos, I wish we would have done this!

Staci said...

Love the multi photo layouts! Your house journaling spot is too cute! TFS. :-)

Tracy said...

So exciting.
Love your layouts, so neat that you have so many photo's of that day. love the pic of you two putting the key in the door.
Wonderful memories.

Jenna said...

I love the picture of you and Chuck entering your new home... I think your mom took it... Its my favorite!!!


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