April 4, 2011

2010 Expo

I know that I just posted about us attending the 2011 Scrapbook Expo but here is the layout for last years Expo! It was the first year that we made sure to take pictures and I must say some of the pictures are super fun and cute!

I used another package of Storyteller's stuff and it was so cute! Of course right? Would I say anythinge else about Storyteller's at this point? HAHA

The first page is dedicated to the group of us at the Expo. And that picture down at the bottom of Mom and Me is one of my favorites cause we were ready to get our shopping on!!

Then three of us, Mom, Jayleen and I took Boxer's Princess Puppy class which was a lot of fun! It was Jayleen's first class ( as far as I know) and she had all the supplies needed while Mom and I were slackers LOL.

Didn't I say I usually scrap 2 or more double page layouts LOL!! I can never have too many pictures!

Just some more of the class! Including the awesome kit we got! I am planning on finsihing this project up soon LOL! Yes it's been over a year and I have not touched it once!

And then of course showing off my loot! The best purchase of the day was my Scrapbook Hero T-Shirt!!

Anyone else scrapbook any scrapbook related events?



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