April 22, 2011

Jenga Master

Since I shared our Yahtzee game (and yes I'm still kicking Chuck's ass) I have to share our amazing Jenga game!! This was the very first time Chuck and I have played together and OMG was it AMAZING!

Check out our tower!!

Yup that's 30 levels and we began the 31st level! Unfortunately I knocked it over with my next move :-( It was so sad but we had a blast! I couldn't believe we got it this tall considering it was the first time we both had played in over 4 years!!

After this game, which was so STRESSFUL!!, we played Life and then Yahtzee. It was an awesome date night that my Honey planned for us complete with apps and dessert YAY!! And just to let you all know (cause I am sure you are dying to know) and of course cause I want to brag our wins/losses

- Chuck won at Jenga (He was so happy to win a game)
- I won at Yahtzee (Duh!) (For the record Chuck wanted to play I didn't force him)
- I kicked ASS at Life, 1.7 million dollars baby :) Yup I retired at Millionaire Estates!

I am loving our weekly game nights and it just might become a regular thing!!



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