April 17, 2011

Buster-Roo Scrapbooking Buddy

When I was scrapping the other night I was not alone! Sure Chuck hangs out in his Mancave when I'm home so he's just on the other side of the wall but this new friend of mine was right at my feet!

My Buster-Roo decided he wanted to hang out in the girls room for the night! I usually have a couple cats hanging out while I'm in there but it was so cute to have my baby boy there, plus he was keeping my feet warm!!

Check out my super messy scrapbook table LOL!! Although do check out the new pencil holder (the green thing). I scored this at Office Depot and it is the perfect green match to my sewing desk!

And one more shot of my Buster cause he's so damn cute! He's such a good boy when he's in there too, he watches the door for my "protection" from the cats, yup he's a herder and everytime one of the cats came in he had to "round them up".

Anyone else have furry friends that hang out while they get creative??


Alyssa said...

He's SOOOO cute! I want a dog! I love his ears, and I have to say, I'm crazy jealous that you have your own crafting room/area!

Anonymous said...

My cats always want in my lap or to sit on wet paint when I'm crafting. If I use pink paint, my big cat Oz is guaranteed to walk on it. Without fail. I have pics from years ago of him covered in pink spray paint. I had painted a cabinet thing and he went out and rolled on the cardboard I used to protect the balcony. Soo pretty was he.

Jenna said...

Oh yes... Miles has to be with me... however he has to be on the desk with me not on the floor... he will sleep while I'm crafting away... but sometimes he takes up too much space... I need my counter space... lol.


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