April 8, 2011

Sweet Memories!

Another layout completed. I think it's safe to say that my 2011 goal of 2 layouts a month has been caught up and exceeded that YAY!! I have really been having fun scrapbooking again and I think it's because of 2 reasons: 1. Storyteller's Packs have such cute embellishments, and since I organized all my stuff I've found awesome embellishments and 2. I'm not solely working on my besties bridal album.

Don't get me wrong I'll be so excited to finish her album and give it to her in May but I think I got overwhelmed with everything wedding! So what layout did I finish...oh just a super fun one! This layout is about the time that Mom, Mandy and I went to Chocolate Fondue!!

Originally I planned on getting some rich chocolate colored brown paper but this was so much more fun! I love all the bright colors!!

I will say that working on this page made me want Fondue SO BAD!! I was salivating as I scrapbooked and guess what? We had NO CHOCOLATE in the house haha! It was pure torture!

I am so pleased with how this layout turned out and I was SUPER EXCITED to add a BUNCH of Stickles to the background pages. You can NEVER have too much sparkle :-)


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great job!

Jenna said...

How can you have a house with no chocolate in it??? That is just crazy!!!

Tracy said...

No chocolate.... I feel so bad for you :(
Your layout is so cheery.
Oops forgot I had that 2 page layout a month goal as well, guess I failed.


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