April 16, 2011

Yahtzee Party Foul

The other night Chuck and I sat down to play a riveting game of YAHTZEE!!

We were sitting at the dining room table sipping on some...............

And of course enjoying some yummy appetizers when Chuck committed a party foul! How could we not see it coming???

Yup homeboy rolled the dice and one of those little suckers jumped out and landed right in the middle of our dipping sauce!! HAHA :-)

I of course had to take a picture! We love playing games together and recently we've been having many rounds of Yahtzee. Needless to say I've been dominating the tournaments! I got 4 Yahtzee's in one game!! Yes in 1 game!! And poor Chuck can't catch a break even on the rare occasion he would roll a Yahtzee I would roll one as well and he was never able to get a decent lead on me. Unfortunately for Chuck he's never won a full match. He has a few individual games but he has never won a "tournament", so we are taking a break from Yahtzee...

We have not figured out our next game to play......anyone have any good 2 player games suggestions???


Alycia said...

ooh! um there is scrabble, gin rummy [if you like cards], trouble, sorry, life [my personal favorite].

Alyssa said...

That's too funny! lol! Matt and I love a great game of scrabble!


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