April 5, 2011

Charmingly Delish!

Last night I was super excited to sit down and read "There's Cake in My Future" by Kim Gruenenfelder that I ended up finishing it! YUP that's right I finished another book! This book was a pretty easy read which is what made it a quick one but I was excited nonetheless!

This book was so cute! It centers around three best friends, Seema, Nic, and Mel who are dealing with life in the usual chick lit way, they are looking for love :) Nic is engaged and about to be married so at her bridal shower she decides to play a little fortune game. I had never heard of this before but I just love the idea, Seester take note :). She went and got these cake charms that all mean something such as a baby carriage meaning you're gonna get preggo, a ring meaning you will get engaged, a chili pepper meaning you are going to have a hot romance, etc etc. Nic seems to think she can control these fortunes so she rigs the cake but in usual chick lit fashion the cake mysteriously switches the charms and no one ends up with what they are supposed to and their lives take a path none of them thought they would.

This book was adorable! I absolutely loved every minute of it, I loved every character, and I loved that it was such an easy read! I give it an A++ and I highly recommend it as a fun beachy summer read! I promise you will love the characters!

What should I read next? I am thinking of starting our next book club book, Little Bird of Heaven, but it might be too early for that so I'm not sure. I either need to buy some more books for my beloved Kindle or I could always read Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons! I'm not sure, maybe I'll give Moneyball another chance, or perhaps it's time to get in touch with my inner gangster and read Wise Guys :) Any suggestions on which one off my list to read next?


Yankee said...

My vote is for wiseguys :o)

Tracy said...

Don't know which one you should read next, but holy toledo you are just whipping through these books :o

Alyssa said...

This sounds like a great beach read!


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