April 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2008

Yes I've been busy scrapbooking away again and I've got another Mother's Day layout for you! This one was so much fun to do!! For Mother's Day my Mom decided she wanted to go out the night before and do drinks and apps at Applebee's then we headed over to Scandia to play some Miniature Golf and do the Car Racing! It was such a fun night!

I did use another Storyteller's layout for this one and of course I had to add my own embellishments!!

The first 2 pages!

I just used my amazing Cricut to cut out the title letters!

Yippee for doing my journaling!! I am getting so much better about just doing it when I'm working on the page and it feels AWESOME!

2nd 2-page layout!! I just used some plain colored cardstock since I knew I'd need more patterned paper (which I didn't have).

I still need to do some small journaling in the top spot but I don't know what to write LOL!

Super excited I finally used my miniature golf stickers from Jolee's!

And of course Mother's Day isn't complete without some gifts!!

Again just used plain colored cardstock and then I used some of the other colored paper to create a little bit of pizazz to break up the blue! Check out the super cute Mother's Day stickers too!

I had such a blast working on these pages!

It feels so good to use up stickers that I've been "saving"! Any one else "save" certain embellishments or paper just in case you find something better to use it on?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great pages!

Connie said...

You have really been busy!! I like what you have done and the I'm seeing so many uses for the cricut!!! wonderful work!!

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

I am always hoarding my embellishments but then I find that I forget about them and don't end up using them at all. Its a catch 22 I guess. Anyways, I love all your beautiful layouts.

Staci said...

Fabulous as usual girlie! :-)

Tracy said...

I love your layouts. That is so fun. Your mom and you look a lot alike, but I guess you hear that a lot :)

I save too much to use later.


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