October 14, 2010

$10 in Free Money = Score! $20 in Free Money = MAJOR SCORE!!!

Oh Kohls how I love thee!!

Our local Kohls (and probably all other Kohls) sends out $10 "gift cards" in the mail every once in awhile and I LOVE THEM! I don't normally shop at Kohls except during Holiday season but when those little cards come in the mail I'm there within a few days! The best part is that not only do I get a card, but Chuck gets one too!! Meaning $20 for me to spend WOO HOO!!

This last time I was able to score this awesome new white board calendar!

We have been trying to find a system that works for us and normal calendars do not. Our schedule tends to change and I absolutely hate whiting out or crossing out anything on calendars. In my planner and at work everything goes in pencil but at home I was dumb and put everything in pen....So I got rid of our old calendar.
Then I found this awesome steal of a deal at Kohls...the price on the back said $29.99...could it really be worth that....even with $10 off I'm still spending $19.99 on something that I could probably find at Target or Walmart, or at least something similar...

I had already used my other $10 on stuff for a swap I'm participating in so I really didn't have anything I HAD to buy with my other $10...Great thing about our Kohl's is that they have price checkers throughout the store...Just in the off chance it was on sale I scanned.....
On sale for $17.99 WOO HOO...This baby cost me under $10...I was so excited...and since I was saving a few bucks I treated myself to the TransSiberian Orchestra CD they had at the front for only $5, and that $5 went to charity YAY!! Overall a SUCCESSFUL trip...and Chuck loves it too!

Anyone else score any great deals lately??


Lisa Dorsey said...

I love Kohls too. Sadly with two girls who keep growing and not a whole lot of store choices here, I shop at Kohls way too often. Love that board. That is a great find!


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