October 11, 2010

Time to Get B-E-A-UTIFUL!!

On Wednesday I got the most amazing piece of mail delivery!! I got my Benefit Cosmetics Make Up Order!! Ever since my last purchase I've been saving my pennies to put in a big order and replenish with some of my favorite products and also add some new products that I've been eyeballing for months!

It is always packaged so beautifully!

This time around I ordered - the PoreFessional, You Rebel Lite, and the set called This Fab Lane (included BadGal Mascara , That Gal, and Hoola powder) and because I ordered all that and had a coupon code I got the Lana Make Up bag for FREE!! Yes I said for FREE!! And it is AMAZING! My other bag just got to be too small for me (Yikes, maybe that's a bad sign) but this new bag I hope I never outgrow! It's got plenty of room for my daily make up and my "If I have more time in the morning" make up, plus all the brushes I use on a daily basis and more!!! Boy this sounding like a sales pitch....I assure you I don't work for Benefit ....I just love everything about them :-)

First of all you can't go wrong when using the You Rebel Lite moisturizer, it really is amazing! Same with That Gal, which is a primer. But I'd never tried their mascara, Hoola powder, or the PoreFessional....first of all I am IN LOVE with the porefessional. What does it do you ask??

The Porefessional minimizes the look of your pores. I don't have huge pores but around my nose they get out of control...at least when I look at them! And who doesn't see their flaws magnified...so now not only am I in love with another product from Benefit but I also feel less conscious of my pores! WOO HOO!

Their mascara is ehh...it makes my lashes thick but I think it might be a little clumpy to stand on its own. I think I'll only use it when I wear eye shadow!

And the Hoola...it's a tan in a box. And I'm not talking hello orange construction cone...it's a great tan color that is light enough to wear everyday! I was so IMPRESSED with this and since I hardly ever tan anymore...I mean you don't even want to see my legs they are so blinding....this is perfect for entering the winter season. I know I'm going to lose (or have I already lost all my color?) any traces of sun time on my face and now I have a solution! Thank you yet again Benefit...I truly am an addict!



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