October 8, 2010

Calling All Shop-A-Holics!

Last night I finished the 6th book of the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella! It was as expected!

The movie has ruined the books. I can't stop getting the images of the actors and actresses out of my head and they do not fit the images I had before the movie. I wish I never watched that dang movie. But anyway the book was cute and while I dislike Becky most of the time, she ALWAYS manages to win me over in the end of the book. While it's not really about her daughter being a shopaholic in training it's really about Becky trying to put together a HUGE suprise party for her husband Luke without him finding out and with a huge economic crisis on the rise. Minnie (her daughter) does have a storyline in it but it's hard to read, she's a brat because her mother doesn't know how to discipline. Granted I don't have kids and I do know they act out but I can only imagine what my own Mother would have done to me had I acted the way Minnie did....let's just say she gets herself BANNED from four or five different Santa Land's because of her bad behavior!!

Unfortunately the highest I can give this book is a B+. It kept me intrigued and I finished it in a few days but I wish this was the last in the series. Sophie Kinsella has milked this one for all it's worth (in my opinion) and she really needs to figure out a new character and new storylines...the shopaholic will probably continue into another book though because she left it WIDE open for that...I won't say why but I will say this...
"PLEASE NO MORE SHOPAHOLIC!!!" I love your writing Ms Kinsella but I've had enough of Becky and her unbelievable ways!

By the way - If they make a second movie...I will not be seeing it. The first movie was not done right at all...first of all Becky is British not American and that is a HUGE difference! Okay enough ranting....Read if you love the shopaholic...don't read if you are sick of her!


Anonymous said...

I read the first 3 and enjoyed them. then I lost interest. I tried to read the one where she gets a step sister or something and didn't get very far. Then the one where she's preggo? Sitting in a stack over in the corner.

Bella said...

HAHA...Yeah she needed to quit while she was ahead. I almost didn't get through the sister one either. Didn't like the sister and most of the time I don't really like Becky, she just always changes my opinion of her at the end of books which is why I keep reading..


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