October 8, 2010

Alternative Shortcakes Anyone?

Another Hungry Girl recipe down!! The other day I decided to put together the Strawberry Shortcakes from Hungry Girl's 200 Under 200 Cookbook! I love strawberry shortcake because it's light and it's got fruit! I mean what's not to love right? And usually I try and make it as healthy as possible by using Bisquik Heart Smart Mix (which is AMAZING if you haven't tried it). But since Hungry Girl offers an even healthier recipe how could I not try it??

Gather up the ingredients: Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding Snack, Fat Free Nilla Wafers (I used a knock off brand), Fat Free Whipped Topping, and some Strawberry Preserves. My advice get the preserves, I used a jelly cause I had some for my toast.

First combine the whipped topping, pudding snack, and jelly in a bowl. Make sure to mix these really well together!

Use a jelly preserve otherwise it looks like this cause the jelly doesn't mix as well as a preserve would.

Next place a nilla wafer in the bottom of a cupcake paper. This recipe makes 4 of these so you only need 4 wafers.

Top with your mixture and then pop them into the freezer. I froze mine overnight but the recipe says you only have to freeze for one hour if you want to enjoy them the same day you prepare them.

Here is the finished product......

Not the best! I was actually super disappointed because this seemed so easy and such a better alternative then making a mess of my kitchen to make the actual shortcakes. While they weren't horrible, they were alright, I won't be making them again. Maybe they shouldn't have been frozen over night maybe I should have eaten them after an hour, maybe I should have used preserves. I will not be making these again though...good try Hungry Girl but nothing beats a real shortcake :-)



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