October 13, 2010

Diet Soda in Cake???

Who knew that you could add soda to a cake?? I certaintly didn't and even when I first heard that I was too chicken to try. But I came across the recipe once again Gina's Skinny Recipes and knew I had to try it.

Super simple...all you need is a cake box mix, a diet soda (I used lemon lime), and two egg whites!

Mix the cake mix, egg whites, and soda together (you only need 10 oz of soda, FYI an entire can is 12 oz)

When the cake mix and soda mixture fizzed and bubbled I was a little put off...could this really be good when it looks like a science experiment?

Pop it in the oven as directed on the cake box....here's hoping.........

You are supposed to cut into 12 pieces but I cut it into about 16 or 18 pieces. We wanted to try it two different ways and neither of us wanted big pieces...

First piece was topped with some whipped cream, fat free of course, like the recipe recommended.

Then we took another piece and sprinkled some confectioners sugar on it.

Can you say DELICIOUS!! Both ways were fantastic and the cake was AMAZING!! Who knew that soda and cake mix could actually turn out to be a good combination? I was a non believer but I'm whistling a different tune now!

Even better was I took the leftovers to work and it was devoured in one day. I can't wait to try other cake mixes...next ones will be Strawberry with Diet Lemon Lime and then Chocolate with Diet coke!

Everyone must try this recipe!!



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