October 9, 2010

Oh Deer!!

Thursday while I at work I'm just minding my own business, working hard of course....But I take a glance out my office windodw and what do I see? A DEER!! One lonely little doe munching away at a bush in our mini courtyard area. I couldn't believe my eyes. (Definitely not normal for this area to see them at my work) I even hollered out to my coworkers.. "Does anyone else see that deer outside?" Of course it wasn't my imagination...and being the scrapbooker I am my camera was in my purse :-)

These first few shots are taken from my actual office through the glass!

This one is literally right below my window (we are the second story) and she was so close!

Then she started heading to the side of the building....

And climbed up into the parking lot...

Yes I really did walk outside and turned myself into a Deer Paparazzi! I just had to see how close I could get !!! As my coworkers laughed at me I'm sure :-)

She let me get pretty close. Its hard to see in this picture but I was probably 10 feet away from her. She was very scared so I backed off and then she took off, while slipping a couple times on the asphalt :-( Luckily she didn't fall completely and was unhurt...

And she made it back up the hill :-) Stopped to eat some tree before fleeing completely!

It was such a random morning because not only did we see her but there was a hot air balloon as well. Which to me was weird cause it was right over the middle of town but then Friday morning my coworker and I saw three more!! I guess everyone is trying to get their last minute rides in before the weather officially turns to winter!

I hope next week has some interesting sights for us as well, somehow I doubt anything will top the deer sighting though!



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